Academy for Innovations in Tourism Foundation

Clientric Academy for Innovations in Tourism

The Academy of Clientric’s mission is to keep and improve the image of Bulgaria as a travel destination. A Mission, born from the necessity of the Bulgarian market in to learn how to use all innovative tools most effectively following the best world practices.

The main goal of “Clientric Academy for Innovation in Tourism” is promoting the tourism in Bulgaria by maintaining its website and organizing different initiatives. The Foundation is focused on modernization of tourism, generating an increase in national pride and promotion of the tourist sights among our fellow countrymen and abroad. By doing this, the team is seeking to prove that tourism could also be a contemporary, modern and sustainable business while, at the same time, aiding and developing Bulgaria and its economy.

Being able to be distinguished not by “alcoholic” tourism, but by being a place that promises qualitative and rich cultural and historical heritage.

We would like to train the representatives of HoReCa in what are the latest instruments and trends they should follow in order to benefit from long-term effectiveness and commitment. We are a team of experts in online and offline solutions focused on the sales and marketing in the travel business. Therefore, we have decided to invest in sharing our know-how with anyone who likes to develop his travel business in the right direction.

Our story originated from a dream – to fill a gap in the hotel industry in Bulgaria. So, eager to start developing, we begun building our stair where each following step embodied one set goal. In addition to new services, partners, clients and colleagues, at this stage we’ve decided to invest resources to help the whole travel market and Bulgaria, establishing the Academy for Innovations in Travel Industry. As our founder Andrey Lilov says – “I was happy with what I had been doing until that moment and I wanted a few more people and their families to feel like me”.

We are trying to be of benefit to:
  • All the people with interest in the field of tourism – the ministry, NGO, organizations;
  • Students and people who are studying in the field of tourism;
  • Hotel owners and managers;
  • Employees in the HoReCa field;
  • Owners and managers of places of entertainment;
  • Organizations providing IT, marketing and software solutions in HoReCa;
  • Travel agencies and tour operators;
  • Entrepreneurs and all business people interested in innovations.
Part of the vision of the Academy are:
  • Providing training to the interested people in online marketing, on-line reputation and improvement of the rating of our country;
  • Distinction for innovative touristic sight in Bulgaria;
  • On-line academy for representatives from the tourist business, which provides free materials on the topic of on-line marketing.

We work toward our mission every day to support the implementation of the national priority of Bulgaria – our country to become a really significant and preferred touristic destination.