Online marketing

Making Online Strategy

PPC Internet advertising Online strategy

To support your business we offer marketing strategies implementation and online ad campaigns which correspond to your customers’ emotions and build brand identity and recognition. We also offer promotional campaigns, BTL advertising strategies, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and others.

Social Media Optimization

64% of the customers searched on the hotel homepage before booking

Social Media Optimisation Social Media Optimisation

Be with your customers anywhere at any time. Turn them into followers which will return again. We offer Social Marketing or professional communication maintenance in social networks, social media management, SEO, SEM, Facebook advertising and many more.

Manage Online Reputation Online Reputation

Make your audience ”like” you the first time people visit your website or social page The good reputation will attract more people and will help your business grow. We offer online reputation management and integration. We can identify and assess the problems of your online reputation as well as manage the reviews, creation and maintain positive reviews.

Advertising in social media networks

81 % of the customers trust the hotel reputation and previous guests’ reviews on online websites and social media

online marketing for hotels and restaurants

create a blog and newsletter Blogs and Newsletters

Blogs and regular email newsletter campaigns are one of the most powerful online marketing tools. They give quick and positive outcome relative to the invested resources. You can advertise your products or services through their own unique content which will improve your website and business position on the Internet.

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