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Own Channel for Direct Reservations

Generating a direct reservation helps increasing the profit of a hotel by decreasing the commission fees to the different reservation channels. The instrument in allowing making reservations directly through the hotel website. The own direct reservations channel is characterized with its ability to provide an immediate reservation confirmation or automatic update of the current availability in all on-line booking channels by a direct connection with the channel manager. This is how the unprofessional situation of duplicated rooms is avoided.

    Why is this software instrument – channel and revenue manager is useful for the business?
  • Proven worldwide, intuitive and user friendly interface;
  • Affordable and flexible pricing models;
  • Free customer profile configuration and free initial training;
  • High quality customer service in Bulgarian language.

Channel & Revenue manager
Save time and increase bookings

Each hotel needs a reservations software that allows an easy and effective management of all internet distribution channels (OTA). Channel manager is a software solution that allows hotel managers to control all their channels from the same place. It includes features such as availability management for all channels, prices according to periods, promotions, price packages, reservations management, customers’ communication, full control over the reservation channels – Booking, Expedia and other over 400 channels, maintenance of a detailed and up-to-date statistical information, etc.

    Why this software – a channel and revenue manager is useful for the business?
  • Unlimited choice of OTA, GDS and CRS (over 400);
  • Cloud based system;
  • Integration with hotel management systems (PMS);
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Competitors’ data;
  • Hotel’s effectiveness indicators;
  • Detailed information for all reservations;
  • Unlimited options for the management of any type of information;
  • Complete and organized information from all channels in one place.

Revenue Management Tool
Price Shopper

This instrument allows hotel managers to quickly compare prices and price tendencies to those of specific competitors for a specific period of time, using data from different distribution channels (Booking, Expedia, HRS, Trivago and others). With this software, with just few clicks, one can see what is happening on the market.

    Why is this software for revenue management useful for the business?
  • Tracking all changes and tendencies in the competitors’ price policy;
  • Data from different distribution channels;
  • Analysis of your price policy compared to the rest of the players on the market;
  • Analysis of your position in the different on-line distribution channels (number of page, rating);
  • Price level control;
  • Pre-defined analysis;
  • Real time analysis;
  • Moment report.

GDS Direct Connectivity

This is how you get access to over a million travel agencies around the world that use GDS and millions of clients who are using their websites.

    How else this direct connectivity contributes to the business?
  • Included settings and integration;
  • Access to corporate clients and consortiums;
  • Access to companies for events planning;
  • A daily management of CPC campaign;
  • Analysis and reports.

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