Virtual and Augmenteed Reality

Virtual Reality / VR

Virtual Reality is a computer generated environment that allows experiencing different reality by using a specific headset (VR glasses) and 3D sound. VR video is a better marketing and business instrument than the ordinary video, because it generates up to 6 times more views, 7 times more shares in the social networks, a lot stronger impact over the audience and is also an innovative technology which is a promising way for communication in the future.

What are the benefits when using the virtual reality for hotels and entertainment places?

  • Times more attractive visual experience;
  • Stimulation of reservations;
  • An effective way to inform and impress the client;
  • A complete show around of the guests through each nook and corner of the site, from any place in the world;
  • The brand sticks easier in client’s mind;
  • An innovative way of distinguishing the brand from the competition;
  • Opportunity to watch the video online and physically at the site;
  • Use of computer graphics (CGI) for adding non-existing objects and achieving attractive visual effects.

VR glasses are a lot more attractive way allowing guests of the hotel or the venue to see everything that on offer. A virtual walk can be done anywhere - from the SPA center to the tennis court, the offered trips and places to visit around the hotel or the entertainment place and all of this while guests are comfortably relaxing in their room or at the branded VR place on the site. Through computer graphics (CGI) one can re-create future innovations, services, repaired areas at the same site or at others sites of the same chain even before they are built, as this way guests are being stimulated for early reservations or commitment with the new site.

Augmented Reality / AR

Augmented reality is one of the most innovative and impressive instruments used in the business of advertising and promotion of events. Its similarity with the virtual reality is in the fact that it intertwines the physical reality and the computer generated image to create a unified and unforgettable effect. This provides the clients with a unique interactive opportunity to know a certain product better.

What are the benefits when using the augmented reality?

Through Augmented reality can be realized virtual fitting-rooms for accessories or clothes, or an interactive presentation through visualization of a 3D model in your hand, located near you, or in a selected place. You can also see how a new counter, an interior element or simply a couch will look like in a set location in your site.

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