Projection and touch solutions

By using them, you create a real dynamic and interactive experience for your clients.

Projection and touch solutions are based on the most contemporary technologies. Images react to the most delicate gestures and movements and provide the clients with audio-visual experience in real time. Projection and touch solutions could be implemented in any form such as interactive floors, walls, bars, tables, kiosks, totems and other similar hardware.

Interactive Floors

The interactive floor quickly and easily turns the plain floor into an exciting experience, full of motion, emotions and lots of fun, that attracts and stops people on their way, whether they were just walking, playing, shopping…

Interactive floors are interesting for both children and adults. By using this instrument, you can attract people’s attention to your weekly promotions, brochures and advertising spots. For the infants, these solutions will be even more exciting offering them a great variety of games.

The hardware and software combination allows adding a dynamic interactive element to every kind of business – from the shopping mall to a bank or a museum. Interactive floors are also a wonderful and exciting “catching the eye” part of different events – weddings, advertising exhibitions, etc. Imagine you meet your guests and in their feet appear flowers, glasses or anything else that may come to your mind. They will be charmed of the innovative way your event looks like.

Interactive walls

Interactive walls provide the opportunity to turn an ordinary smooth wall into a moving interactive area where you can exhibit the content you want to. Similar to the interactive floor, you can impress your guests both at corporate events and presentation, for a marketing and advertising purpose, or just for fun. Our experience shows that interactive walls undoubtedly provoke consumers’ interest and they attract a large number of spectators, but what is most important – they also provide effective and efficient results.

Interactive Tables and Bars

An interactive table or a bar is a distinctive mark for an exceptional and unique style for entertainment places and restaurants. They can be built both as a projection solution and through screens, which turns a classical bar or a table into an impressive display with images and colors, combined with a movement sensor. Adding this technology can be an unforgettable dynamic element to any type of business – from the night bar of a hotel to a traditional restaurant, even a presentation staging for a business event or a commercial exhibition. Interactive stages can also be applied in the field of education, hotels, commercial areas (malls), relaxation areas, museums, etc.

Kiosks and Totems

Different types of kiosks can be used with informational, advertising or functional purpose through their sensibility at touch. They can be placed both in your site and in your partner’s sites throughout the whole country, opening a completely new virtual branch, without the necessity to invest in employees, trainings and an office.

Interactive kiosks and totems can be built as a construction following the idea, size, design and materials, corresponding to the identity of the business. Depending on the software used in them, their application can be practically anywhere – from schools and hospitals through metro stations, commercial sites and centers to public buildings, museums and others.

Projection Screens, Foils and Surfaces

These instruments are suitable for illuminated premises and are known for their exceptional picture quality. Highly applicable they are in conference halls where the details at presentation are of great importance. Also, projection screens can be used as free hanging screens in large shopping centers or public buildings.

Our advice is to use them while presenting or advertising your or your partners’ products. Through projection surfaces, combined with projection, one can create a virtual presenter or media – advertising materials of any shape and size. Transparent projection surfaces may also be used for implementation of hologram images in controlled illuminated spaces. These are suitable for events, concerts, presentations and other events.

Touch Screens

This instrument is a touch frame that can be used onto any model of monitor. It allows turning the monitor or the computer into a touch screen (a touch sensitive screen) and eliminates the use of a mouse. Using their fingers, users can play films, search for images, play games and others.

Interactive Shop Windows

Each area in this modern and hectic world is used for advertising or functional purpose. Your windows of shops, offices, business centers or even partition walls in the office space can also be a part of this area, only with different and more beautiful appearance. One of the most popular applications is the interactive client communication before they have even entered your shop. This makes it 24/7 accessible to them.

This is a way to optimize advertising costs and reach a larger number of clients. They are able to order your products or services in their most convenient time, as this does not require hiring more employees. Through interactive foil you can transform any glass surface to a touch screen which can be an indisputable advantage against your competitors.

Each glass surface can turn into a solid wall by only a button and this way you can provide yourself discreteness for important business meetings, for example. Those qualities of the foil makes it perfect to use in conference halls, offices, hotels and anywhere else where the purpose is discreteness.

Projection Banners

Projection banner is an innovative improvement of the common printed banners. This instrument provides the opportunity to project different videos onto its surface. It can be used as an addition to the common banner or independently. It can be used multiple times for different purposes by the same client, as images are easy to change according to the specific needs. It can be manufactured in a way that half of its area is a printed image while the other half is used as a projection area.

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