Digital Signage & Hotel TV

This is a television that is specifically designed for business needs. It provides an unforgettable digital identity by which new clients are attracted and makes current ones committed.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a modern solution by which business will be recognized through advertisement of a new generation. By these technologies from the digital world, stimulating sales is easy and interesting. Effective adverts, showed on professional displays with bright picture enhance the process of attracting more new clients and keeping the current ones.

Through Digital Signage displays, you can advertise, inform, entertain, greet and motivate at the same time. This all can be achieved with less and more effective expenses and with easy, centralized on-line management of the content. Once it is installed, Digital Signage system is easily and comfortably controlled, in real time, via internet.

This is an innovative and technological way for advertising, by which one can improve the commitment of the current clients, attract new ones and convert all of them into loyal customers. This is an extremely wide-spread way of advertising in Western Europe, the USA and Asia. We hope Bulgarian clients will soon also have the opportunity to remember more and more brands for longer period of time by using this different and innovative method.

Hotel TV

Hotel TV allows you to personalize your guests’ experience in their hotel room. The guests get an easy way to connect to the interactive tourist guides and internet news broadcasts, as well as to applications designed for hotel services in and outside the room.

This instrument is also suitable if you want to provide your guests with an on-line entertainment in the room, including access to films upon request, email, social networks, etc. By using the hotel TV you can send a greeting to your guests or a targeted advertising message as soon as the display is turned on. By a new generation of TV, focused on the guest experience, the result will be making him/her feel more special and enforce him/her to share their experience with friends. This, on the other hand, will increase the very effective nowadays “word of mouth” marketing.

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