Interactive Staging

You can improve consumer experience with 3D models in their actual size and surrounding environment.

Magical Mirrors and Pictures

Imagine a mirror where a greeting, a message or an advertisement of a specific product is visualized when you approach it. Or a picture, or a wall on which you see a projected object which disappears or moves when you are passing by. These are so called magical mirrors and pictures, which with the contemporary technologies, we can call technological and innovative solutions for efficiency and impression.

Transparent Video Boxes and Shop Windows

Transparent video boxes and shop windows are a flexible and attractive way to advertise a brand or a product, to promote an event or just to add aesthetic appearance to the public area. This avant-garde technology allows seeing what is exhibited inside it, while at the same time different pictures and videos are rotating. Thus, the client’s attention is on one hand attracted by the exhibition of the product itself, and on the other – by dynamically presented complementary information.

Hologram Display

The Hologram Display is a fully integrated 3D holograph platform that combines the most recent technologies for visualization and the modern shop window. It allows focusing on the product so it looks like never before. Its use in shops, at exhibitions, in museums or at events actually makes the presentation a lot more attractive and intriguing.

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