Video walls and professional screens

Learn more about the benefits of professional screens at work mode 16/7 or 24/7, as well as of video walls from specific screens with extremely thin frames.

Video walls

Video walls allow each business a quick and effective re-creation of visual content. Optimized for professional use, video walls bring incomparable experience at watching and at wide-scale displays, by re-producing fascinating contents in the exact colors and with highest quality of the picture.

Through combining the innovative digital solutions and the improved technology for screen visualization, video walls allow the business to offer rich digital content and, in addition, the best informational and advertising effect.

Professional screens

Professional screens are perfect both for small business owners and for large companies. By using them you can attract your customers’ attention with high resolution, incredible picture quality and full-color experience during the whole day.

You can use professional screens to entertain your audience with live TV, during the communication in the shop, as well as to promote products. This is a practical solution that can improve the image and brand positioning and will provoke your clients’ interest.

LED Displays

Full-color LED displays for external and internal use are a very good solution. Freely hanging as billboards, or placed onto facades and roofs, these are the best way to show video content to the audience. With the LED displays you can make your advertisement visible at long distances and in the correct size.

LED displays provide a clear picture quality and a wide view angle. This favors their installation in malls, trade and business centers, conference halls and other large areas. LED screens are a perfect choice for shop windows, as they provide better visibility and clearer picture when compared to the common panels.

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